Workshop on Design and the Classical Indian Tradition

November 1999
Presented by: 
Shashikala Ananth, Jogi Panghaal, MN Ashish Ganju
The Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH)

In order to enlarge our understanding of the classical tradition, and to redefine its relevance to contemporary design thinking, a two-day workshop was held in New Delhi.

The Indian subcontinent has given rise to a design ethos which is rich with meaning and delight. The expression of this permeates our entire culture, friom our ancient cities and buildings to the crafted objects which are part of our everyday existence.

Our contemporary environment seems poised to negate the world engendered by the classical tradition. Design education and practice today have taken a position which is dominated by a fascination for modern technology and keeps a distance from our ancient beliefs and tradition.