Urban Sanitation

March 2018

Public Health Pilot Projects

Sanitation Improvement in Aya Nagar, New Delhi

Implementation Report

January 2015

The following note outlines the activities, time and resources required to design and plan a decentralized sewage treatment system at demonstration scale for the urban village of Lado Sarai, New Delhi.

April 2012

The spread of unauthorised construction in our cities has assumed significant proportions. One such unauthorised colony is Aya Nagar, situated on the south-western edge of Delhi.

December 2016

Urban Sanitation Project is aimed at improving health outcomes and standard of living for 55 vulnerable families living in G Block, Aya Nagar in South- Western Delhi.

May 2017

The pilot project is a prototypical model for evolving and establishing a sanitation management program in Phase V, Z-Block, Aya Nagar.

November 2015

The Aya Nagar pilot project is a prototypical model for evolving a sanitation management program  in the settlement .

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