Towards a History of Architecture in India - Exploring Ways to Connect With Our Sense of Reality as it Reveals Our Architectural Legacy

August 2016
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Indian Council for Cultural Relations
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The history of architecture is presently research and written mostly by archeaologists and art historians. The approach has been to study buildings and monuments in a chronological matrix, separatign the object from its lived reality, rendering the study as a lifeless art form. Our attempt is to modify this approach and present architecture as lived reality discernible in building complexes which are part of urban as ewll as rural natural systems.

The theoretical anchor of our approach is the principle of indegeneity. We are concerned that this is not to be confused with nationalistic identity politics. The principle of indigeneity uncovers reality regardless of national boundaries and politics of the state. It is therefore important to extend the study and include researchers, practicing architects, and teachers from other parts of the world where similar concerns are surfacing, as the threat of ecological disaster tends to unite people across the planet.