Seminar on Non-Conventional and Alternative Approaches: to Shelter the Urban Poor Local and International Experiences, Bombay/Calcutta/Delhi/Hyderabad/Ahmedabad

January 1981
Presented by: 
Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad

An initiative has been taken by the Ahmedabad Study Action Group (ASAG) along with Selavip International (Sericio Latino Americano Y Asiatico De Vivienda Popular), to organise a series of seminars on Non-Conventional and Alternative Approaches to Shelter the Urban Poor: Local and International Experiences in five metropolitan cities of India: Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

People today are pouring into the cities of the developing world, swelling their numbers and size. Every year the new urban populations fall farther and farther behind in adequately meeting their housing needs. The growth of squatter settlements becomes a measure of the housing deficiency. It we look at the resources of these cities and their national governments, or at the housing and community development programmes of the United Nations and other international organisations, we see little hope that money from these sources can be found to provide conventional housing solutions.

National Participants

   > Mr. Umapathy, Habitat Project, Hyderabad
   > Mr. Louis Menezes, Cities and Services and Slum Improvement, Madras
   > Mr. Bindheshwar Pathak, Sulabha Sauchalya Sansthan, Patna
   > Mr. Shiresh Patel, Slum Improvement Project, Bombay

Foreign Participating Agencies

   > Fundation Solvadorena De Desarrolo Vivienda Minima—El Salvador:
   > Freedom to Build—Manila, Philippines:
   > Kompung Improvement Programme—Indonesia:
   > Servivindra—Bogota, Columbia:


1. Delhi Development Authority
2. School of Planning & Architecture
3. National Building Organisation
4. UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
5. Action India
6. Dr. A.V. Baliga Foundation
7. Abner Memorial School
8. Delhi Catholic Archdiocese
9. Indian Council of Social Science Research
10. Institute of Town Planners, India
11. Servicio Latino Americano Y Asiatico De Vivienda Popular
12. Ahmedabad Study Action Group


1. Town and Country Planning Organisation
2. Housing and Urban Development Corporation
3. Municipal Corporation of Delhi
4. Indian Institute of Public Administration
5. Central Public Works Department
6. National Institute of Urban Affairs
7. Department of Social Works, University of Delhi
8. India International Centre
9. Delhi Chapter, Institute of Town Planners, India
10. Indian Institute of Architects
11. Northern Chapter, Indian Institute of Architects
12. Department of Environment
13. Church's Auxiliary for Social Action
14. Mobile Crèche for Working Mothers’ Children