Innovative Approaches to Urban Development

March 1987
Presented by: 
HUDCO, New Delhi

In this paper Greha highlighted the following goals and objectives as necessary preconditions for any urbanisation strategy for the spontaneous settlements;

1. to balance the short-range interests of income and employment with the long-range viability of the physical environment by the management of natural resources, especially land and water;

2. to provide for more equitable access to the resources of the city in order to sustain a better quality of life, especially for the poor;

3. to seek socio-economic integration of the planned city, traditional settlement, and the unplanned, spontaneous settlement;

4. to provide a low-cost model for urban development;

5. to provide conditions so that people can express their deeply held beliefs regarding urban space in their built environment.

These goals and objectives were approached through three broad areas of intervention which are mutually inter-dependant. First we enquire into the theoretical parametres and images which inform our concerns and consequently our actions regarding urbanisation. Secondly we discuss innovations in land use planning; and third we suggest how these changes can be managed within the frame-work of administration and controls.