history project

December 2017

A three day conference is planned to discuss the study of history of architecture, with the participation of national and international scholars of eminence.

July 2016

Workshop 1: Sense of Place

Aim of the workshop

November 2016

Mehrauli Collective - A Vision

The ancient settlement of Mehrauli is rich with history.

It is today a dense and active urban precinct of South Delhi.

A UNESCO certified World Heritage Site exists here and this draws visitors from all over the world.

December 2015

Edited Excerpt from the Prelude to the Book of Proceedings

November 2015

Following are the attendees of the History Workshop at INTACH

13-14th November, 2015

Group A

July 2015

"The concept of writing a history of architecture from an indegenous perspective calls for an engagement with indegenous reality, which in our subcontinent would emerge from the conjunction of history, geography, and philosophy giving rise to our architectural ethos.

August 2016

The history of architecture is presently research and written mostly by archeaologists and art historians. The approach has been to study buildings and monuments in a chronological matrix, separatign the object from its lived reality, rendering the study as a lifeless art form.

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