History Of Architecture - Towards Writing from Indigenous Perspective

December 2015
Presented by:
School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal

Edited Excerpt from the Prelude to the Book of Proceedings

Discovery of Architecture

September 2013
Presented by:
M.N.Ashish Ganju , Narendra Dengle
Greha New Delhi, India

The Discovery of Architecture - a contemporary treatise on ancient values and indigenous reality,by M N Ashish Ganju and Narendra Dengle, is an essay on the need for a new theoretical understanding of architecture relevant to our times. It proposes an analytical framework which can form the matrix for the new understanding to emerge.

Phase 1 Report Submitted to the Delhi Kalyan Samiti

August 2009
Presented by:
Aya Nagar, New Delhi

A non-profit registered society, Greha, working with the residents of Aya Nagar, an urbanising settlement on the south-western edge of Delhi, approached the Delhi Government in 1999 to improve the physical infrastructure of the settlement. 

Exhibition Panels : Aedes Symposium on 'What Makes India Urban?'

July 2009
Presented by:

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Aya Nagar Development Project - Presentation made for DfID, Government of UK

June 2009
Presented by:

Presentation made for DfID (Department for International Development), Govt. of UK

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Governance Framework for Unauthorised Colonies - An Executive Summary

June 2009

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Awareness Leaflet Published and Distributed in Aya Nagar

May 2009
Presented by:
Aya Nagar Vikas Samiti and Greha

Public awareness regarding environmental improvement in Aya Nagar was spread within the community by meetings of the Aya Nagar Vikas Samiti, by holding public workshops and by distributing a specially designed information leaflet to all households. 

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Urban Renewal by Citizens

March 2009
Presented by:
M N Ashish Ganju

A framework for sustainable urban development
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Aya Nagar Development Project: Action Programme

March 2009

Drawing 1: Master Plan
Drawing 2: Settlement Drainage Plan
Drawing 3: Neighbourhood Drainage
Drawing 4: Proposed System for One Street
Drawing 5: Engineering Concept
Drawing 6: Johar Scheme - Existing Road Network
Drawing 7: Johar Scheme - Road Widening Scheme
Drawing 8: Johar Scheme - Area Chart

Topographical map of Aya Nagar

January 2009
Presented by:
Irrigation and Flood Control Department of Government of NCT of Delhi

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Aya Nagar Whole Village Development Plan- Submitted to Delhi Kalyan Samiti, Government of NCT of Delhi

January 2001

Attachment 1: Proposal for the Development of an Eco Park in Aya Nagar

Attachment 2: Proposal for Redevelopment of Aya Nagar Village and its Proto-urban Extension

Report on Rationalization of Procedures for Building Approvals and Completion Certificates

October 1987
Delhi, India: Greha, 1987.

The Committee deliberated upon the procedures for grant of building plan approvals and completion certificates including the role of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission therein. The consensus of the opinion was that the present procedures involving a multiplicity of authorities were resulting in considerable harassment and delays.

Seminar vol. 180 : The Architect in India

August 1980
Presented by:
M N Ashish Ganju, A G K Menon, Yeshwant Das, Vasant Kamath, Jayendra Bhatt, Dr. K L Nadir, Satish Dabral, Romi Khosla

The architectural profession has approached the crossroads in its development in India, and the direction it now chooses will determine both its effectiveness in serving society, and the validity of its future existence.