Architecture and Society : Better Tools for Urban Planning

July 2015
Presented by: 
Priyanka Jain
IHC, New Delhi

This is a talk by Priyanka Jain, founding partner of 3x3 Design. It is a part of series Architecture and Society.

A series of monthly talks are planned to encourage dialogue between the experts and the general public who expect to benefit from expert advice.
The series begins with a talk by an architect/urban planner who will describe new tools being used by urban planners to communicate with their publics.
The series will be introduced by M N Ashish Ganju, architect, followed by the presentation by Priyanka Jain, architect/urban planner, further followed by discussion with all present.

Priyanka will talk about the challenges of working in low income and informal communities. She will share creative tools - storytelling, festivals, events, district branding and campaigning - that she has used in her work at 3x3 Design, and then open the discussion to understand the principles of community led development.

"A stronger awareness of citizen needs helps align community perspectives with urban development efforts. Traditional planning tools do not always elicit genuine participation or surface the information needed to gain new insights. Creative tools can enhance engagement, add meaning to data, and create streamlined processed for understanding local values, communicating vital information and reaching shared consensus for development."