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Welcome to Greha-Environment Development,Habitat Design and Architecture

Featured @ Greha

Featured @ Greha

Making History - Mehrauli Studio

Greha is a non-profit society for research on environmental development, habitat design and architecture.

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Conservation of Mehrauli Heritage Area

May 2014

If the urban fabric within which the historic monuments are located is in a state of blight and disrepair, we cannot expect the inhabitants to appreciate the heritage value of the monuments and care for them.

Aya Nagar Development Project

January 2001

An initiative of 'urban renewal by citizens' carried out by Greha and funded by Delhi Kalyan Samiti

Initial research and development of the Aya Nagar

January 2000

Initial research and development of the Aya Nagar Whole Village Development Plan

Curriculum Development for Habitat Schools

January 1989

With a view to promote habitat studies, HUDCO established in 1985 its Human Settlement Management Institute providing in service training for housing managers and other professionals.

Development of Habitat Schools in India a report prepared for Human Settlements

January 1989

Formal outcome of the HUDCO-GREHA Proposal for Restructuring Technical Education to meet the requirements of Human Settlements, designed to restructure Architectural Education which would have "provide(ed) Bachelors Courses in Habitat Planning, Habitat Management and Architecture, three year Dipl

Architecture Collegium

Experts working with citizens for civic improvement in Malviya Nagar.

September 2015

Aapki Sadak is a community based first / last mile connectivity project in the Malviya Nagar area.

Exploring The Vernacular- Through The Medium Of Architecture

August 2015

Savyasaachi is an anthropologist, Professor & Head of Department of Sociology in Jamia Millia Islamia.

Architecture and Society : Better Tools for Urban Planning

July 2015

This is a talk by Priyanka Jain, founding partner of 3x3 Design. It is a part of series Architecture and Society.

Wonder, Wisdom and Mastery in Architecture

October 2014

Discussions on architecture within professional circles always focus on the architect as a personality.

Archana Gupta

September 2014

The collegium meeting on the 5th of September 2014 was led by Archana Gupta, who recently wrote an open letter regarding institutional teaching of architecture.


Making History - Mehrauli Studio

June 2016 to July 2016

Participate in one-month long intense site-specific, immersive and interdisciplinary ‘Making History – Mehrauli Studio’ which promotes an alternative to the ‘act of building’ and explores the relat

Pedagogic Potential of The Discovery of Architecture

July 2014

The workshop was jointly organized by the Department of Architecture, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi & The Indian Cities.

Consultation on Cities - Can Our Cities Survive

June 2006

Seminar organized by

  • Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia
  • International Association for Humane Habitat(IAHH)

Workshop on Design and the Classical Indian Tradition

November 1999

In order to enlarge our understanding of the classical tradition, and to redefine its relevance to contemporary design thinking, a two-day workshop was held in New Delhi.

Symposium on new directions in architectural education

April 1999

Architecture has always been concerned with civilisational values. Can we outline an educational strategy which places these values at the centre?